Xquisitelooks Presents the 2nd annual Detroit Business and Beauty Expo

Sunday, October 7, 2018, Xquisitelooks will host the 2nd annual Detroit Business and Beauty Expo! The event will be held at the Charles H. Wright Museum, located at 315 East Warren Avenue in Detroit, MI. DBBE has become one of the most anticipated events for Detroit’s beauty professionals and this year’s event will host up to 300 beauty and business experts across Southeast Michigan.
The goal of Detroit Business and Beauty Expo is to empower, connect and impact the beauty industry by providing exposure, networking and premier education for the beauty industry.
Brandi Taylor is an entrepreneur, speaker, and rising authority in beauty and makeup artistry. Through her company, Xquisitelooks, LLC, Brandi provides online and in-person education, mentorship, and community for make-up artists, hair stylists, designers, wardrobe stylists looking to enter the beauty industry.
“I decided to host the Detroit Business and Beauty Expo to provide a platform for beauty professionals to connect and learn in the Metro Detroit area. I’ve noticed that beauty professionals don’t have many professional and local expos that focus on the business side of the beauty industry in this area. Often professionals in the Metro Detroit must travel out of state for the information that will be presented at DBBE. My goal is to arm serious beauty professionals with the tools they need to refine and develop success in their businesses. It’s important to me as a beauty professional to provide this opportunity to those who want and need it,” says Brandi Taylor, Expo Founder.
This year’s Detroit Business and Beauty Expo will feature the following amazing panelists:

  1. Host, Brandi Taylor (Owner Xquisitelooks LLC, DBBE Founder),
  2. Co-Host/ Moderator – AJ Williams, (Editor, Michigan Chronicle & Chickdom
  3. Shayna Whiteside (Owner- Amora Luxe),
  4. Jessica Bolden (Salon Artistry Studios),
  5. Denitra Townsend (Unforgettable You),
  6. Danielle Smith (Detroit Brows),
  7. Eonica Smith (Onie Organics)

The workshops will include brand building, marketing, leadership, business finance and more. The panel is prepared to discuss the business of beauty, hair, and fashion and all panelists are willing to share the trade secrets that they attribute to their success in the business and beauty industry today.
Other highlights at the expo will include DBBE Beauty Pros Awards, Fashion Segment, Shopping, Networking, Marketing Presentation, Entertainment and more!
For more information or to purchase tickets visit Detroit Business Beauty Expo


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