Living Single in a Millennial’s Kind of World

Shannon Stecker

There is a stigma associated with being single. Whether you’re an independent career-oriented woman, a successful bachelor, a parent or a homebody that prefers technology and animals over human interaction, people will always look at you sideways if you’re single after a certain age.
“Why are you single? Are you crazy? Have you killed someone? You hiding people in your basement? What did you do? Something MUST be wrong?”
The struggle is real. Between the season premiere of “Insecure,” logging on to Facebook on August 18th and seeing that everybody got married, and the cooling temperatures signaling “cuffing season,” your “why am I still single, what the fuck is wrong with me” meter is at an all-time high.
But don’t fret, being single isn’t all the way bad. In fact, I have a few reasons to tell you why being single can be material to your personal growth, and sanity.

  1. You don’t have to wait for anyone to watch the new episode of your favorite TV shows.
  2. You have more money in your pocket. If you’re a woman, this can go either way, but if you’re a man, this is certain. When you aren’t obligated to always pick up the tab, you have more money to spend on yourself, and the things you want. The new Air Maxes? *Pre-ordered* Another make-up palette? *Adds to cart*
  3. You don’t have to answer to anyone (except the bill collectors) about the decisions you make. Refer to number 2 and your impulsive purchases.
  4. You’re free of the bullshit, and drama. Need I say more?
  5. I do actually have more to say, and this is the most important: you-time. When you are alone, you are forced to face your thoughts, and although this is sometimes scary, this is key when you need to self-reflect.

Being single isn’t easy, but don’t rush the process, and don’t settle. What you’re experiencing is a PTO from love, and this is an intricate part of your growth. In the time of social media validation, use your PTO to establish your identity, and learn to love yourself before expecting someone else to love you. If you’re past this point, use your PTO to figure out why your love life is loveless. Perhaps you aren’t in the relationship you want or need because you aren’t mentally prepared for, or projecting the right energy to receive it.


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