Nissan Presents A Night With KEM

There was a cool breeze off the water at Chene Park and not a cloud in sight as Detroit poured in to support its KEM under the night of stars and Nissan cars as the backdrop. Ahead of the concert, KEM shared his gratitude and excitement on partnering with Nissan and the National Association of Black Journalist. “We are very grateful that Nissan is doing a night with KEM and NABJ will be in town, and we appreciate them hosting their conference in our city,” KEM said.
With a two-day show schedule, KEM had the pleasure of sharing the stage with label mate India Arie and the glitz and glam of Tamar Braxton. “I have done a few shows with India Arie we share the same Motown label. I’ve admired and loved her for years. I respect her as an artist, and human being and Tamar is a force to be reckoned.
Friday and Saturday night was filled with classic KEM serenading from ‘Share My Life’ to his latest hit, ‘Promise to Love’ but the question on every fan mind was when will KEM release his next project? I’m working on new music now. I have actually been in the studio over the last couple of months in preparation for my new album which is titled ‘Devotion,’ and it’s expected to be released in 2019. A lot of things have happened personally and in our country since my last release, so the new album embodies all of that. Kem said. With 2019 being right around the corner, I think all KEM fans will be awaiting the new release with much anticipation.
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