5 Ways To Create Peaceful Sentiments In Your Home

Sometimes the best gifts come out of our worst moments. So is the story of Peaceful Sentiments:

City.Life.Style: What is Peaceful Sentiments?

Krishawn Peace: Peaceful Sentiments is an all natural candle company and skin care line that nurtures your mind and environment with our non-toxic soy wax 100 % natural scented candles that give off soft, warm light and fragrance that calm the mind and relax your surroundings. Every one of our candles is made with love and hand poured to guarantee the best quality.

Our candles are skin safe and can be used as a massage oil, cuticle oil, and or a foot rub. Along with our candle line, we feature luxury whipped body creams and sugar scrubs called body candies. Suitable for all skin types, Peaceful Sentiments essential oil blend purifies by helping balance both dry and oily skin, as well as helping to repair problem skin including eczema and psoriasis.

CLS: How did you decide on this business?

Peace: Peaceful Sentiments was born out of a very traumatic, depressing, yet rebirthing time of my life. I hit a crisis point where I had no income, a failing marriage, children who still depended on me and my self-esteem was crumbling all while trying to finish my degree. At my lowest point, God sent a friend who referred a job that allowed me to travel and make some significant income.

I would travel for weeks with my new job, and during that time I was able to sit and be alone with myself, this was the first time I’ve experienced being alone since I became a teen mom at the age of 15. It was at this time I was able to reconcile some very deep hurts that I suppressed.

One night while, I was laying in my hotel room bed, and I couldn’t sleep, and I heard God speaking to me, and the Holy Spirit said, “Peace be with you, for the rest of your days, take action NOW, start a candle company and name it Peaceful Sentiments Candle Co.” I took action, and it’s the most fantastic business, and I’m so in love. We are now almost three years old full of Peace, Joy and Happiness with more Great things to come.

CLS: How does your product differ from others on the market?

Peace: It has to be my story, this is not your regular candle, it represents faith and a burning breakthrough to win at life. Each Peaceful sentiments candle represents my past and my pain, so each candle comes with an affirmation or a quote. These candles are made with the love and the best natural ingredients.

5 Ways to Create Peaceful Sentiments In Your Home

1. Keep your nightstands and around your bed free of junk and clothes, a clutter-free room gives you a Peaceful nights rest.

2. I always keep a candle lit in my house, and I take them when I travel. The low light that emits from a Peaceful Sentiments candle gives signals to your brain to induce relaxing, stress-free moments while increasing self-awareness. The soft flame helps to calm and even achieve a meditative state.

3. Drink lots of mint and lemon water. The term thirsty is real, most of our skin care problems come with lack of water and causes skin dehydration. Add Peaceful Sentiments Luxury Whipped Body Cream to your everyday body care routine, and your skin will outlast you! Our lemon soufflé fragrance is an aromatherapy essential oil, and it can calm your mood and moisturize your skin; made with lemongrass essential oil base, which can also ease headaches.

4. Your home can either deplete your energy or give you life. If your home is chaotic it can reflect in your life. Take 5 and clean clutter. Take five minutes to clean the bathroom, wash a sink full of dishes, clean your room or make your bed. Try it, and I bet your entire life will be more Peaceful.

5. DON’T DIM YOUR LIGHT! Practice a spirit of gratitude, let your light shine don’t dwell on the past. Create the life you want and desire; you are the most important because you can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of YOU first.

To learn more about Peaceful Sentiments and their private “Candles and Champagne” pop-up parties or to purchase product visit www.peacefulsentimentscandles.com. Follow them on Instagram @peacefulsentments to order your candles right away.


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