The Art of Instagram with Moon Reflection Photography

Tiarra Overstreet-Amos- Moon Reflections Photography

Circa 2010, a budding photo app where you could apply filters to the pictures you took on your smartphone known as Instagram was created. Fast-forward to 2018 and selfies, usies and viral videos are the mainstay of the photo world and Instagram is King! Your IG photogrid can make or break your brand, so we sat down with Moon Reflections Photography to find out the deets on making your brand or vanity IG the next viral sensation!
City.Life.Style: What is Moon Photography Reflection?
Tiarra Overstreet-Amos: We are an on-location, natural light photography company. Specializing in business (personal) branding, headshots, and high school seniors. In addition, we offer portrait and event photography. We are also educators offering workshops and kids summer camps, Sacred is currently speaking and leading the High School Senior photo walk at The Cookout in Atlanta September 2018. Our goal is to provide our clients with an experience to remember while providing them with quality service and products.
CLS: What was the inspiration for the business?
Amos: I unconsciously have always wanted to be a photographer, once I realized that, starting a business was all about passion. Over time it has developed into a more specialized focus, we started with art fairs and journeyed into businesses and high school seniors. That is where we found our purpose, in helping others much like ourselves transition from childhood into adulthood into entrepreneurs and business owners all while striving to give hindsight guidance, inspiration, and motivation along the way.
CLS: What do you contribute to your success?
Amos: To be honest, I would say it was an unyielding passion that leads to this level of success. Even when I didn’t know (plain as day) my heart and soul did. I would also give much credit to my Aunt Shaun who (I don’t know how aware she was of my passion) purchased my real first camera for me, a Nikon N60 when I was in my senior year of high school. I would also give my husband a lot of credit, he pushed me in a way no one else could. He made me feel secure to venture out.
IG Like A PRO:
Light is always #1! Natural light is the best type of light. It is everywhere and always available, cloudy days are the BEST. When taking images, selfie or product, get close to a window or in the shade, let the light bounce. Direct sunlight can be harsh even though it is possible to get a great shot in direct sunlight…that comes with mastering light.
Angles & Perspective: Create an interesting story when you chose to shoot your subject from a different angle. Try birds eye (high above) or ants view (low to the ground)
Composition: When you think about the image you are taking take a moment, step back think of the story you want to tell/create. Learn the rule of thirds.
Style: Style is what sets you apart. Don’t copy, be inspired. Create your style, use bits of inspiration or be a trailblazer, either way, be you! Style can be how you edit your images, the type of color saturation you choose, contrast or high- lights, dark or bright, it’s up to you!
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