Little Professor Skye children’s book series returns with next installment from author Munson Steed [WATCH]

The Little Professor Skye children’s book series is back with its newest release of Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, a charming children’s story that sprinkles Black girl magic for those young princesses who are in true need of seeing themselves positively reflected in a book. Based on the alarming lack of African American literature being published, especially children’s literature, Author Munson Steed continues the series of the Little Professor with her dreaming the sweetest dreams of being crowned princess. Understanding the absence of having enough princesses represented in bedtime-story-land, Steed creates a masterpiece of a bedtime tale that allows a reflective young and beautiful Black princess to know she is loved.
Watch below:
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While there are many bedtime stories out there, Sleep Sleep Dream Dream forges a bond between the father character Daddy and his daughter, Skye, as they agree that it is both a good time to go to bed and also a good time to dream. In the book, Daddy aims to reassure Skye that she can look into the future while she sleeps and be comforted in knowing that the journey can be seen if “…you close your eyes and dream of what is to come to be.”
By allowing Skye and other little Brown princesses to fly in their dreams, Steed paints the very relationship between parents affirming their children being able to see that their flight in life is fully filled with infinite possibilities. It is also here that the Plush Crew, Skye’s furry friends, shares their support to always be there reaffirming, as they are the mentors, the counselors, and the support staff of all those things.
Sleep Sleep Dream Dream also paints a culturally relevant picture that a bond between a father and a daughter and a bond between the Crown and the Princess are greatly needed in today’s world. The fact that Skye can see herself being loved before she goes to sleep knowing that there is love waiting for her and observing her as she is lulled into dreamland, helps her to sleep with confidence in who she is and what she is to become.
There are millions of Little Professor Skye’s who will be very happy and enjoy being princesses while seeing themselves in this book. It is up to the parents to find the fortitude to make sure that every little girl can see herself at bedtime being loved with infinite possibilities to dream. Thanks to Munson Steed and the Little Professor Skye series, this bedtime moment is not only culturally relevant, but it also shows the multicultural progression that Steed Studios and Steed Publishing is embarking upon. In addition to creating culturally inclusive books, Steed is also creating music and animation to enhance his book experience. His new title song for Sleep Sleep Dream Dream accompanies the book and lets us know that the Steed Studio brand and the Little Professor Skye series is growing in a way that will allow us to tell our own stories and build our own legacies.
You can listen to the title track Sleep Sleep Dream Dream here.
In addition to the new book Sleep Sleep Dream Dream, Steed Studios has also released its first animation video titled Good Morning. Produced by Steed Animations, it’s a lively video that helps Little Professor Skye wake up in the mornings and has a super catchy tune that reminds you that your morning will be a great morning! The song is sure to help anyone get their morning off to a bright start! View the Good Morning video by clicking here.


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