Conyers fights to remain on the ballot and give voters a fair choice

John Conyers, III, a candidate for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, filed a lawsuit today in the Wayne County Circuit Court asking the chief judge to order the county clerk to place John Conyers, III on the primary and general ballot for Michigan 13th Congressional District.
“Voters have a right to a fair choice,” said Conyers. “Attempts to suppress the voice of voters or any other machinations designed to narrow voters’ choices won’t work. After comparing the qualified state voter registration file to our petition signors, we are confident that the court will have little choice other than to uphold the sacred right to vote and to place my name on the ballots.”
An attorney for the campaign, Melvin Butch Hollowell of the Miller Law Firm said “It’s incredibly important for the court to validate the voice of voters who validly signed petitions in order that John Conyers, III be on the ballot in August and November.”


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