Tips for Improving Neighborhood Safety and Security

Know your neighbors: Get to know your neighbors. Getting to know one another makes it more evident when suspicious characters are hanging around. Neighbors also look out for each other.
Boost block clubs: Join or establish a block club or community association to share concerns.
Be smart on social media: Keep vacation plans and information off social media until you’re back home.
Lock up: Secure your home as much as possible. Install and use an alarm system, motion-detector lighting and timer system.
Lock doors: Even if you’re home and even if you are in the back yard. Don’t leave your side door open and easily accessible, just because you’re right out back.
Have delivery plan: If you’re expecting a delivery, ask a neighbor to be on the lookout if you won’t be home, or have packages delivered to work or a neighborhood business that will accept your package deliveries.
Maintain home appearances: Be discreet. Do not let mail or newspapers pile up at your door. If you’re going to be away, temporarily stop deliveries. If you’ve made valuable purchases like a new computer or big-screen TV, do not put the packaging in front of your home. Take it away to a recycling bin or deconstruct the box and toss the trash.  Don’t advertise your new purchases by placing boxes on the front lawn.
Support safety programs: Join or financially support community patrols and neighborhood watch groups.
Know who to call: Know the police or fire department phone numbers in your community to call for non-life threatening emergencies.
Conceal valuables: Make sure valuables in your vehicles and in your home are not visible to passers-by; that includes your garage-door opener.. Conceal home valuables when walking or running through the neighborhood.
Watch the children: Make sure you know where your children are and who they are with at all times. Implement a buddy system when they are walking to and from school and/or playing outdoors.
Source: Research and conversations with Detroit Police Department personnel


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