Pastor Marvin Winans calls on Detroit clergy on National Day of Prayer

… to Rally Behind Environmentalist Kimberly Hill Knott for Congress
As the race to replace U.S Representative John Conyers Jr’s vacant seat in Congress heats up, on National Day of Prayer, Detroit Pastor Marvin Winans of the Perfecting Church in Detroit, Michigan is calling on all faith leaders, clergy, and members of the community to join him and special guest Donnie McClurkin at the upcoming 13th Congressional District Prayer Breakfast. Pastor Winans is hosting the breakfast in honor of Kimberly Hill Knott, the former congressional aide and Policy Director of DWEJ, who is now running for Congress in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.  Knott is one of the nation’s leading figures on issues of environmental injustice.  The Prayer Breakfast will be held on Saturday, May 5 from 10 a.m. to noon  at Kara’s House.
In 2013 Knott received the coveted Champions of Change Award from the Obama Administration and is responsible for the City of Detroit’s first Climate Action plan through the Detroit Climate Action Collaborative (DCAC).  A project established to help the City of Detroit identify short-and long-term actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Earlier this month, on a Pastors & Faith Leaders conference call, Pastor Winans announced his endorsement of Kimberly’s candidacy stating, “I think she has a passion for Michigan and for her District. She’ll do what she promises to do.  I think we can support Kimberly Hill Knott, not simply because she believes in prayer but because she prays…”
Winans will bring a message of faith, leadership, and community to the breakfast. This event will include other faith leaders and activists who will hold discussion on the issues that shape and frame this year’s election in the 13th Congressional District: voting rights, education equality, economic justice, labor rights, access to quality health care, racial disparities, and environmental injustice.
Pastor Winans is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Perfecting Church in Detroit Michigan, a church of approximately 5,000 attendees.
Winans founded The Perfecting Church as a home fellowship church in 1989. Today, the church ministers to thousands each week.  The high profile religious leader is a celebrated gospel singer, pastor, and member of the musical Winans family and is known for his starring role on Tlyer Perry’s hit television series House of Payne. Operating underneath the principle that “Ministry Means People” Pastor Winans has over 30 ministries that touch the full spectrum of the human experience following Christ’s model of meeting humanity’s needs.
On a Pastors & Faith Leaders conference call, Pastor Winans say’s “I think she has a passion for Michigan and for her District. She’ll do what she promises to do. I don’t believe that she’ll get there and change.  This is very important, because, I can’t tell you how many candidates we’ve endorsed and once they get the endorsement we no longer see them anymore or they change and seek a different agenda. I think we can support Kimberly Hill Knott not simply because she believes in prayer but because she prays. This again is important. I ask for other Pastors to endorse her and allow her to visit your churches and acknowledge her when she comes.”
At press time Knott states, “I am honored to have the support of Pastor Winans. His voice of encouragement and the gospel message he proclaims has impacted thousands of lives. Pastor Winans is passionate about faith and Christian living.” Kimberly Hill Knott has been working in the City of Detroit for over 20 years tackling pressing issues on behalf of the poor and homeless, while fighting for environmental justice


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