‘Leave it to Stevie’ on VH1

The next episode of Leave it to Stevie on VH1 features Stevie J and Scrappy learning how to wrestle in ATL. I’m not kidding. LOL! You can see the preview clip here: http://www.vh1.com/news/356465/stevie-and-scrappy-wrestle/
Two of the gentlemen seen in the episode with Stevie J and Scrappy are Blacklist Uno and Josh Wheeler, the Founders & Owners of Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE). They trained the two rap legends to get in the ring for a real match! I was there. See below for the pic I took front row at their first match, which will be shown on the next episode.
Both Blacklist Uno and Josh are available for an interview to talk about the experience, how it came about, what it was like working with the two rappers, + more. AWE is different than other wrestling promotions because a black man runs it…and that is something Blacklist Uno is extremely proud of.


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