Food for thought in Dexter-Davison-Linwood neighborhood


Three grocery stores attempt to meet the grocery shopping needs of residents in the Dexter-Davison-Linwood area on Detroit’s west side: Food Farm located on Dexter, Atlas Market located on Davison and Family Foods on 12th  Street.
While several residents praised their local stores, concern was also raised about the freshness of some foods.
“Most of my neighborhood shopping is done at Atlas food market,” said Rita Barzart, who lives near Central High School.   “I shop neighborhood stores for a significant amount of non-perishable goods and a few perishable goods to fill in during the month”
.         Community activist and longtime resident Lisa Leverette also enjoys shopping at Atlas.
“Overall, I like the diversity of products and shopping experience at Atlas Market,’’ Leverette said. “They have a good array of fruits and vegetables and other items.  Their sales are competitive with national brand grocers.  They hire people from the community for cashiers and stock persons.
“One of the owners is very friendly and responsive to suggestions. I have made suggestions about items I would like to see in the store and the items were ordered. They have supported a couple of our community clean-ups with donations. The more I treat them like a dedicated local grocer the more they respond”.
Leverette says she prefers local, independent stores to big box chains.
“I’d much rather support those who chose to stay in the community and who support the community,” she said. “I know my grocer by name.  I would, however, like to see more services such as a deli, fresh fish counter and fresh baked breads offered in the stores”.
Jarmaine Carroll, who lives on Fuller, raised some concerns. “Each one of those grocery stores in our community should be asked how important fresh food is to their business and if all their food products are up to date on the shelves,” Carroll said.  “That’s one of the main concerns dealing with our food markets in my neighborhood; fresh products on shelves beyond their expiration dates”.
Claudette Cameron shops at Meijer on Eight Mile near Woodward as well as Atlas and Food Farm.
“Atlas and Food Farm have the most courteous cashiers, while Food Farm’s administrators are user friendly,” she said. “My shopping is based on the quality and the availability of items needed for my household. My shopping experience has been good. All have butchers on site. However, all the grocery stores could do better with their produce department but, so could Meijer.”

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