GMAR Realtors® invest in restoring Northland Art Collection

The Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR), a local trade group representing nearly 8,000 Realtors® across metro Detroit and based in Southfield, recently announced a partnership with the City of Southfield to provide grant dollars to restore pieces of the former Northland Mall Art Collection.
“It’s often said, ‘Realtors® sell communities, not just homes or properties,’ and at GMAR we believe that to be true. When buyers come to Realtors® in search of their new homes, one of the first things they consider about where to look is sometimes largely based on if there‘s a sense of community,” said James Iodice, President of GMAR.
“We are grateful to GMAR for its willingness to help see this project come to fruition. In collaboration with the Southfield Arts Commission, we raised over $500,000 private dollars to purchase the Northland Art Collection—but these last few grant dollars will help us get over the finish line to display this beautiful art,” said Southfield Mayor Ken Siver.
“GMAR’s Placemaking Grants are really unique because it helps foster an environment where collaboration, from the bottom-up, can create vibrant gathering places,” said Vickey Livernois, Chief Executive Officer of GMAR. “Southfield has worked diligently to be an attractive city for buyers who are looking for a place to belong. The Northwestern Highway Pedestrian Plaza, where the art will be displayed upon completion, is the ideal Placemaking project for us because it’s creative and helps instill a sense of place amongst Southfield residents.”
To find out more information on the program or to apply for a grant, visit


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