Five ways to get involved in your neighborhood

1. Talk to the folks on your block: This is the first step toward getting organized. Host a pot luck, or a barbecue. You’ll often be surprised what you have in common with your neighbors.
2. Get organized! Join your block club. If you don’t have a block club, start one. Remember most people are waiting to be led. Organized neighborhoods are strong neighborhoods.
3. Identify your problems: Once you and your neighborhoods have identified the important issues in your neighborhood, you can develop a plan to solve them. Do you need to start a CB patrol, hire a snow removal contactor, etc.
4. Collaborate: There are lots of groups, associations and churches that are working on issues and many of them are looking for partners. Find out who they are and get to know them.
5. Look for resources: There are many groups that assist with strategic planning, funding and other resources for neighborhood groups. These groups include Community Development Advocates of Detroit, Impact Detroit, and Michigan Community Resources.
NEED MORE? Contact ARISE Detroit! for a referral to an organization or program that might help you. Phone 313-921-1955; email,;

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