Municipal Court of Atlanta Launches New Case Management System

System will improve efficiencies within Court and streamline processes
The Municipal Court of Atlanta today announced the launch of its new case management system, Benchmark. Developed two years ago, the new system will conserve and better utilize Court resources. The integration of Benchmark will enhance the Court’s ability to share and leverage data, improve efficiencies within the divisions of the Court, streamline processes with real time updates and provide superior customer service to individuals and organizations that interact with the Court. Benchmark marks an important step forward in moving the Court to a paperless system which will provide the public with easier access to court programs and services.
“I am eager to see the foundation laid for becoming a full service electronic court and am certain this worthy investment in a modern case management system will help the Court realize this vision,” said Chief Judge Calvin S. Graves. “The Court takes full advantage of resources to lead efforts like these for the protection of the community and the interests of justice. The launch of Benchmark will serve as another technological advancement milestone for the Court and the citizens of Atlanta.”
The Municipal Court has recently launched other technological advancements to improve customer service including the eCitation rollout. The eCitation devices allow APD officers to write traffic tickets and transmit them to the Municipal Court of Atlanta in a timely manner.  The system also allows for legible and easier retrieval of traffic citations resulting in a significant time savings eliminating the need to manually enter traffic tickets.


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