“5 Things Every Single Chick Should Know” Is a Must Read For Single Ladies

AJ Williams: City.Life.Style. Editor and Author of “5 Things Every Single Chick Should Know”

I met AJ Williams at TheHappening Collective Brunch back in 2015. Her short, colorful hair, bright lipstick, talk of self-love and black women’s empowerment demanded everyone’s attention. She was promoting her new blog “Single Black Chick.” I subscribed to her blog, and after reading a few posts, I thought to myself, “This is the black Carrie Bradshaw, and I am here for it.”
No, but seriously. The Michigan Chronicle’s City.Life.Style Editor, event host, blogger, speaker, self-loving, fashion enthusiast womanist, is truncating her experiences with love into her new, free eBook called, “5 Things Every Single Woman Should Know.”
I could tell you that the fifteen-page self-awareness guide will have you soul searching whether you’re single, or married, but you’d have to read it yourself to understand. I chatted with Williams about the newly released eBook to give you a preview of what you should expect:
Shannon: What was the inspiration behind, ”5 Things Every Single Woman should know?”
AJ: This was my way to overcome my fears, redevelop myself as a writer, and create a prelude to a much larger project I’m working on, “A Chick’s Guide to Living a Kick-Ass Life.” I wanted to create a quick, easy, relatable read that would resonate with women who want to become more self-aware.
Shannon: What is the ultimate goal?
AJ: I just want women to be happy no matter what stage of life. It started off as an inspirational chicken soup style quote book, but it developed into something women can refer to when they need a reminder that they are not alone.
Shannon: Your audience views you as a relationship expert although you hate that title. What would you prefer to be called?
AJ: There isn’t a cookie cutter way to go about relationships. I am simply an “expert at experiencing relationships.” Knowledge comes with experience, and I will never be able to tell you, unapologetically, what it takes to do something that I’ve never done. I only use my platform to share my experiences in hopes that someone else will find them useful.
Shannon: You hinted at your larger project, “A Chick’s Guide to Living a Kick-Ass Life.” What should your readers expect?
AJ: People should anticipate more funny, in your face, flat-footed girl empowerment.
Excited? CLICK HERE to learn more about the author, AJ, and your free download of “5 Things Every Single Chick Should Know.”

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