Young People in Public Relations offers young professionals a seat at the PR table

As Detroit’s entrepreneurial climate continues to rise, so does the need for qualified public relations professionals. Young People In Public Relations (YPPR) is hosting its inaugural summit at the Brooklyn Outdoor, 2501 Russell St., Suite 400, Detroit, Feb. 24, 2:30-7 p.m.

As education still proves to be the best way to excel in today’s job market, traditional textbook and classroom learning can hinder some professionals in certain career fields once they enter the “real world.” For example, on the public relations career track, outside of internships, there aren’t many connections for onsite, hands-on job shadowing and training, and finding a seasoned pro who will assist or mentor without a fee is difficult.

Mobley, who has made waves in public relations by representing Credit Counselor, Ebony Cochran and DJ and Influencer Brian Jackson, also known as DJBJ, is committed to reaching back and giving young professionals an opportunity for success in a competitive market.

“There have been so many times where I would reach out to pros in the industry who had no interest in helping me thrive or just overlooked my initiative,” stated Mobley.

Young People In Public Relations (YPPR) is launching a program to remedy the experience many new public relations professionals face. Mobley, founder of the organization, has created a curriculum for students and professionals with a concentration in public relations, media relations, communications and journalism.

YPPR allows public relations professionals to volunteer their knowledge and expertise to new and evolving public relations and communication hopefuls. The goal is to share knowledge, resources and tools with interested candidates to help them succeed.

Registration is now open at The cost is $25. Admission includes entry, PR gift bag, networking, stationery set, personalized name tag and light refreshments.

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