Rev. Wendell Anthony's pastoral anniversary with Anti-Apartheid activist Rev. Allan Boesak

The 31st Pastoral Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, will take place on Sunday, Feb. 25, at 9:30 a.m. at Fellowship Chapel located at 7707 W. Outer Drive in Detroit. Anthony, who also serves as President of the Detroit Branch NAACP, will welcome South African freedom-fighter and anti-apartheid activist Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak as guest speaker. Dr. Boesak, along with Winnie Mandela and Beyers Naude, won the 1985 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. It is given annually by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights to an individual for their courageous activism in the area of human rights.
Dr. Boesak is also a founder of the United Democratic Front in South Africa. He has also served as president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. He is also a former chairman of the Western Cape Region of the African National Congress. A South African Dutch Reform cleric, Dr. Boesak currently serves as a member of the Congress of the People Party in South Africa. He was appointed as the Desmond Tutu Professor for Peace, Global Justice, and Reconciliations Studies at Christian Theological Seminary and Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Dr. Boesak and Rev. Anthony met in Cape Town, South Africa on a visit of the Religious Action Network, chaired by the recently passed Dr. Wyatt T. Walker, Chief of Staff for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This occurred in 1990, following the release of Nelson Mandela from 27 ½ years of imprisonment.
Rev. Anthony has been a longtime activist against South African apartheid and was a visitor to South Africa during the historic elections for Nelson Mandela as president. Rev. Anthony also served as the co-chair of the Mandela Freedom Tour. He traveled to South Africa to help facilitate the visit of Nelson Mandela to the city of Detroit in 1990 for a state-wide rally at the old Tiger Stadium. The community is invited to join in for this historic visit.


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