Evergreen Oriental Inc. seeking a financial manager

Evergreen Oriental Inc. has an available position of Financial Manager in Ann Arbor, MI. Position requires a master’s degree in accounting or finance and 18 months experience as an accountant.
Position also requires: Experience must include 12 months experience developing, implementing and monitoring Talech System.
Job duties: Supervise accountant in use of Talech to prepare monthly, quarterly and annual journal entries as well as financial statements. Supervise Supply Specialist to monitor purchasing budgets and costs in Talech to ensure efficient operations and that expenditures stay within budget. Administer and maintain payroll structures. Review and approve all payments and purchasing. Ensure all financial activities including monthly transactions in Talech and invoices are completed accurately, on time and in accordance with company policies and procedures. Plan monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets. Ensure tax preparation including sales taxes, payroll taxes, income taxes, and unemployment taxes are accurate, timely and in accordance with governmental policies. Review and approve marketing promotion plans and technology needs to ensure that expenditures stay within budget. Analyze markets for business opportunities and investigate ways to improve profitability. Continuously develop financial systems to maximize efficiencies.
Qualified applicants should send resume and verification of requirements to Mr. Greg Guo, president, Evergreen Oriental Inc., 2771 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105


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