The Day Of Love: Valentine's Day 2018 Guide

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. It’s the day of LOVE. No matter whether or not you believe it’s a Hallmark holiday, who can turn their nose at celebration LOVE. Yes, LOVE in every form and for every relationship status. Despite what the masses say, V-Day is not just for the married squad.
Single? Renew: Flirting, first dates, and dating apps can leave you exhausted and maybe event disheartened when it comes to love. So instead of downing the pints of ice cream (or pints of Hennessey if you’re anything like me) shake off the negative vibe, cleanse out your heart chakra and show yourself some love with an evening of self-care at “Reasons to Love.
Presented by Tealing and Co., “Reasons to Love” is a sensory experience designed to open the heart to self-love through tea + yoga. For information CLICK HERE
Dating? Refine: Have you ever heard the theory that you should live with someone before you decide to leap into marrying them? The same theory can be applied to dating. If you are dating someone but haven’t taken the next step to be exclusive and committed in a relationship, Valentine’s Day may be just the day to test if your relationship is ready for the next level. But how can you measure this deeply in a short period of time?
#OutOfTownTrip. Yes, out of town trips are a great way to see your possible #CommitmentBae in a mini live-in situation. The trip doesn’t have to be a week vacation, but a weekend trip can be a good insight into compatibility, decision making and lifestyle.
Married? Reignite: Sometimes the bump and grind of life can suck the soul out of a marriage. Kids, bills and errands without taking time to reignite can lead to the road of your spouse becoming your roommate. You can’t ditch responsibility, but you can take a break from it to reconnect with the love of your life on Valentine’s Day.
Typically, being married means time is of the essence, so get carried away with a staycation at Motor City Casino. Grab a suite, then head to dinner and then head to the top of the city to enjoy the panoramic view at Iridescence restaurant.
After a decadent meal, allow Babyface to swoon you away and set the mood right for the night at Motor City Sound Board on Feb. 15. Trust me, you will thank me in the morning.
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