One Year in the Life: The real story of life in the neighborhood

Detroit’s revitalization has been the subject of enthusiastic headlines around the country –and even around the world – for at least the past few years. Those of us who live in the city are happy for the more optimistic coverage,but we also know the details of this very complex story, thestory that Detroit die-hards would tell if they had the right outlet.To that end the Michigan Chronicle and ARISE Detroit have partnered to tell the real story of individuals and families, local heroes and even share our sorrows on a more intimate, up close-
and-personal level.One Year in the Life, a new monthly supplement to the Michigan Chronicle ROOTS section, is dedicated to exclusive coverage of the Detroit experience at a grass roots level of life in three distinct neighborhoods: Linwood – Dexter District, Livernois Fenkell District and, Southwest Detroit
Special correspondents who live in each designated neighborhood district will focus intensely on five specific areas of coverage, including; churches,block clubs, neighborhood small businesses,schools, and life transitions(births, deaths and funerals, weddings,graduations, etc.). These are the areas of life for everyday Detroiters, when examined closely, can best portray and expose the true heart and nature of each respective community.
It is the small stories of peoples’lives that tell the biggest truths. The One Year in the Life: Neighbors section is intended to provide a platform for Detroiters to tell their own stories and,in the process, put in context the real stories surrounding the revitalization of Detroit.
The Michigan Chronicle and ARISE Detroit! worked together closely to identify key stakeholders from each neighborhood that can assist in this effort. Neighborhood groups and other associations and individuals who know their communities best will serve as on-the-ground and in- the-streets correspondents to report authentic accounts and develop comprehensive overviews of day-to-day life that connects Detroiters and their communities.The quality of stories produced will shine a brighter light on these first three distinctive neighborhoods and bring the picture of Detroit’s resurgence into focus.

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