Celebrate Unique and Poingant Stories This February with Theater and Dance at Wayne

The Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance is excited to present two unique and
exciting productions this February: The Heck Rabi Playwriting Festival, and George C. Wolfe’s “The
Colored Museum”. Enjoy three brand new works, showcasing the talent of young up and coming play
writes for one weekend only at the Heck Rabi Playwriting Festival. Then, commemorate Black History
Month with “The Colored Museum”, which takes audiences through 11 “exhibits” chronicling and
satirizing African American history and culture.
With the Heck Rabi Playwriting Festival, Theatre and Dance at Wayne is proud to premiere three brand
new plays: “Lucida” by Cody Robison, “Steps” by Wesley Cady, “Orange-Ade” by Kayla Von Mundy.
Since 2000, the Studio Theatre at the Hilberry has hosted the festival, encouraging emerging playwrights to
submit their original works. Each year, six to seven semi-finalists are chosen out of all submissions. The
plays are then read at a workshop where they are critiqued by a panel of judges. Then, at the Festival in
February, the three finalists’ plays are produced for a live audience.
“The Colored Museum” by George C. Wolfe, consists of 11 thought-provoking and satirical “exhibits”
exploring the African American experience both past and present. Vignettes range from satirizing popular
African American plays like “A Raisin in the Sun”, to popular culture elements like African American hair
and the models that grace the cover of Ebony Magazine. Director Billicia Hines is ready to tackle this
exciting challenge. Of the work, she says, “I am so excited to have an opportunity to direct a play by
George C. Wolfe. I love the way that he grapples with such serious subjects in a satirical way.
This celebration of African American culture from the Middle Passage to today unveils the real history of
America. All cultures should be celebrated and elevated in the history books.”
The Heck Rabi Playwriting Festival will be held in the Studio Theatre at the Hilberry, February 1 to 3,
2018, and “The Colored Museum” plays February 2 to 18, 2018 at the Hilberry Theatre. Tickets for both
events are available today by phone at (313) 577-2972, online at www.theatreanddanceatwaynne.com, or by
visiting the box office at 4743 Cass Avenue at the corner of Hancock Street.
A convenience fee of $2 per ticket is automatically added to your ticket when purchasing online. Additional fees may be required per order.


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