Turkey, Dressing and BAE? Top Signs It’s Time To Bring Him Home For The Holidays

AJ Williams – City.Life.Style and Single Black CHICK Editor

Yup, it’s that time of year again, a time to gather with family around the dinner table to exchange love and thanks for the year. But this year is slightly different — instead of wondering when good ol’ Saint Nick will leave you a cutie pie underneath the Christmas tree, it’s Thanksgiving and you actually have a BAE!
Gone are the dreaded conversations with Grandma Ruth and Auntie Maxine on when you are going to get a man. Nah, this year you got one! (Insert Cardi B “ayeee” and tongue swag.)
So what’s the problem? You and your newfound love are just that “new” insert new holiday dilemma (seems to always be one). Should you invite the new BAE over to Thanksgiving with the fam? Single Black Chick to the rescue. Here are my top signs it’s time for your BAE to come and Thanksgiving dine. (You liked that, didn’t you?)

  • You’ve been dating more than six months…exclusively!

The key word here is “exclusively.” You see, you can meet a guy and date for six months, but there are levels to this ish. Even though you have been dating for six months, it could be still considered casual dating. If you both (not just the made-up convo that you had in your head alone) have not made a verbal commitment, you are still considered causally dating, and bringing him home to the family may land you in your own personal awkward episode of “Insecure.“

  • Hello, Mr. Obivious: He asks to meet your family or you have already met his family.

Honey, you have struck gold. I personally believe this is the best tip overall. Growing up with brothers and having a gang of male friends to impart dude-isms on me, as Oprah says, “One thing I know for sure, is when a man’s into you and wants to make his intentions known… he does, clearly!
If you have to guess, your instinct is probably not leading you astray. When in doubt, wait it out and let him make the first move. If his intentions are in line with yours, then making sure he spends time with you and meets the fam on the holiday will be on his priority list.
Although we all want to have someone to sip eggnog and Hennessey with after a feast of turkey and dressing or to peer in and see your honey dip chilling with Dad watching the game. Let’s not have our desires outpace the reality of our relationship status.
The holidays can be a sensitive time where mixed signals and expectations can get crossed, causing a relationship that was on the road to long-term being derailed due to being pushed faster than its natural course.
Wishing you a stomach full of turkey and a heart full of love!

 AJ Williams is Editor of the Michigan Chronicle’s City.Life.Style., the Creative Brain at CHICKDOM.com and Blogger-in-Chief at SingleBlackChick.com Follow her on IG @CHICKDOM & Twitter @CHICKDOM


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