The value of witnessing Donald Trump's decisions

Santura Pegram

Okay, so he has an eerie, insatiable fetish (much like that of a child pornographer constantly foaming at the mouth over explicit images) for attacking and attempting to destroy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING relating to former President Barack Obama. None moreso than the limited, although historical, things the Obama administration attempted to accomplish for the nation in terms of healthcare. Red flag number one. And, so what if he heartlessly disenfranchises people of all ethnic backgrounds and middle to lower economic levels and simultaneously polarizes those considered The Haves vs. The Have Nots. Red flag number two. And, who cares that he childishly wastes more time firing off trivial comments via Twitter towards everyone who says anything he disagrees with like a pouting teenager stuck in the moment than pushing to improve the nation and leave a meaningful legacy? Red flag number three. However, best yet is Donald Trump’s ┬ástunt of verbalizing insensitive, disparaging remarks to the wife and mother of a U.S. soldier killed in action that their loved one ‘knew what he signed up for.’ Red flag number four and counting. Oddly enough, such behavior should not be a surprise to anyone at this point, and it sure is not all bad. Actually, if you included all of the almost daily unacceptable decisions he’s revealed since parking his buttocks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he would already be well beyond double digit cautionary flags, but that’s beside the point.
You see, the thing most people fail to realize is that having someone in the form of Donald J. Trump in the White House actually has a learning principle to it. Honestly, I’m glad he’s there – for the moment, because it reflects hidden realities most Americans have chosen to ignore for decades by keeping their heads buried in the sand like ostriches. Think about it, although many “privileged Americans” would dare to deny it, we all know he has brought out America’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Yes, sentiments that have long been felt, but concealed, by countless citizens across this nation until recent times. So, when someone reveals how they truly feel about you, it gives you the advantage of knowing how to distinguish between those who are allies vs. those who are enemies. Therefore, while he dangerously, yet pompously, walks the tightrope of civility in America, this character we currently call ‘President’ and his like-minded supporters have actually succeeded in forcing the majority of people throughout the globe to recognize that there is an undeniable lingering plague in the United States known as racism reinforced by its modern day virus of classism.
To those American citizens who currently earn more than $200,000 a year and the millionaires
alike, life as they’ve known it has been bliss. Unfortunately, for the growing number of them who will fall off economically over the next few years due to business failure, a serious health crisis, loss of a job or unexpected loss in investments, being thrust into life among the commoners will be more than a slap back to reality. Once they’re forced to relate to the masses of people who struggle daily simply to survive, perhaps they’ll understand more then what they claim to now. After all, sometimes it often takes someone to lose everything before they finally “learn a life lesson.”
Whatever the case, another thing is certain since Trump’s emergence in mis-leading this nation. American society – especially ‘urban America’ – has fallen asleep at the wheel of reality and if people of all backgrounds don’t wake up now – not next week, next month or next year – the fact is we are all going to be driven off of the cliff of humanity in the years ahead. Today’s political and business landscape reflects that there are incredibly powerful forces (often behind-the-scenes and much bigger than a President) who are pushing for society as we’ve known it for the last 50-years to suddenly revert back to age-old immoral and uncivilized practices which drove a wedge between this nation that have only since been masked by Band-Aids. And, aside from the fact Donald Trump and Company appear hell-bent on inflicting destruction upon anyone and everyone who challenges his leadership motives and decisions, he has made far more than an ass of himself and confirmed that financial wealth does not always equate to common sense and intelligence.
Lastly, we should also thank Mr. Narcissistic for proving how cowardly our elected officials at every level are – on both sides of the aisle – in refusing to stand in unison against him. Which clearly proves how each of them honestly feels. The late Elie Wiesel said it best, “Whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation, take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
* Santura Pegram is a freelance writer and logistics professional in South Florida. A former protege-aide to the ‘Political Matriarch of the State of Florida’ – M. Athalie Range – Santura often writes on topics ranging from socially relevant issues to international business to politics.


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