Set yourself up for success in 2018: Rethink your resolutions

The average person gains seven to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the holiday season begins, more time will be spent thinking about what dish to prepare for the next family gathering or crossing people off your holiday shopping list than on personal health. As a result, many will scramble to make New Year’s resolutions focusing on diets and gym memberships. This year, start the holidays off on the right foot by “rethinking your resolutions” and taking preventive action well before January 1 rolls around.
To help patients manage goals for 2018, Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC), a leading dental service organization, is sharing tips on how to take preventive action in advance of the New Year and set yourself up for a successful 2018.
“At GEDC, we suggest considering your New Year’s resolutions in advance, before it’s time to act on them,” said Greg Nodland, president of GEDC. “One of the most important things we try to educate our patients on is using their flex spending money before they lose it. During a season when money can get tight and every penny counts, we encourage people to use their flex-spending on valuable services, such as a teeth whitening or braces. Use your year-end benefits to look your best in this year’s holiday photos and to start the New Year off with a smile you can be proud of.”
When the craziness of the holidays kicks in, it’s best to know your goals. Below are GEDC’s tips on building the foundation for a successful 2018:

  • Save money: Don’t waste money. Give your insurance company a call to find out how much money you have left in your medical benefits flex account. Once you’ve determined how much you have left in your account, take the time to call your local dentist or doctor to schedule an appointment for services you’ve been putting off. If you don’t use that money by December 31, you lose it!
  • Watch what you eat: What would the holidays be without the delicious foods associated with them? While you don’t need to avoid these foods entirely during the holidays, don’t overdo it when cutting that piece of pumpkin pie. Also, consider your teeth before consuming too many sugary treats or chewing on a candy cane.
  • Have a plan: Having a plan in place or determining your resolutions prior to the holidays will help you stay on track as you work towards a final goal. Part of having a plan is making sure you are staying on top of all your health and wellness visits. Take a break from celebrating to schedule final check-ups in 2017 to maximize your year-end benefits, as well as 2018 doctor, dentist and other health-related appointments to help you stay on track throughout the year.
  • Be kind: The holidays are typically a time that we spend celebrating and thinking about others. It’s important to not only be kind to family, friends and strangers during this time, but also to yourself. You want to start the New Year off on a positive note!

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