Detroit filmmaker shines light on domestic violence in first feature film

Detroit filmmaker Anthony Green has directed a variety of short films and documentaries over the course of eight years. He will premiere his first feature film “Last Words” on Nov. 11 at Bel Air Luxury Cinema.  The film is about a woman who is a victim of domestic violence. As she struggles to leave the relationship, she fights to gain another chance at life.  This film shines a spotlight on relationships, love and faith.
Green expressed the importance of capturing real life situations with his work. He also wanted to showcase strong leading roles for women in his film.

“As a team, we decided to make “Last Words” a feature film,” Green said. “My thoughts were we needed a backstory to help support the woman’s actions and introduce abuse in her past relationship. I always like to highlight females because for one, they are powerful and the role that I write for individuals, I want to make an impact. The lead character Tiffany’s role is so impactful. The audience will be rooting for her. They will want her to overcome these challenges.”

The film’s leading lady Mirynda Jones plays Tiffany, a woman who has endured abuse from her spouse. Jones says she has experienced some of the same issues that her character faced, and it made playing the role both easy and difficult. “A lot of the issues that Tiffany dealt with I too have had to deal with in my personal life,” Jones said. “This role allowed me the freedom to express some suppressed emotions as well as some emotions that I would not normally express. It was challenging because I myself am not transparent due to some experiences that I had to overcome in my life. Therefore, in playing the role of Tiffany, it forced me to allow people in and I had to display a side of me that people wouldn’t normally get to see.”

It took Green more than three years to make “Last Words.” Originally, it was a short film with a running time of 20 minutes. However, after releasing the trailer in 2015, it received tons of positive feedback, which made him want to make it a full-length feature film. There is also a special meaning behind the film’s name.

“Everyone was asking if this is a feature. I was saying to myself, ‘no.’ What sealed it is when I received a call from my good friend Harriet Cammock,” Green said. “She truly encouraged me to go back to the writing table and make this a feature. That was what I prayed about and accomplished. I choose the title “Last Words” because even though the film features physical, mental, emotional abuse and murder, it highlights karma, affliction and simply going through extreme measures to reach someone after finding out you’re dying.”

To find out more about Green and his film, follow him on YouTube at @antgreen and on Twitter at @Antgfilms.  Purchase tickets for the movie premiere at Words Feature Film Premiere . You can view the trailer at Last Words Trailer.

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