Tour the historical landmarks of Michigan’s Underground Railroads

On September 6, 2017, Step On Bus Tours will offer the narrated tour, “Of Human Bondage: Quilts, Quakers & Questors of the Underground Railroad.” This is a great tour for all ages for this unique opportunity to discover Michigan’s role in the Abolitionist movement.

The title “Quilts, Quakers and Questors” evolved from three facts: 1) that no quilts were used as a signage on the Underground Railroad in Michigan, 2) the Quakers were the major group that assisted the fugitive slaves, and 3) the questors were the fugitive slaves. The tour will focus on the gateway to freedom for slaves that started down South and ran far north into Southwestern Michigan.  Step On Bus Tours will provide an opportunity to explore these important historical landmarks, and travelers will get an up-close, unique lesson about the slaves who risked their lives fleeing from their masters in an attempt to travel to the safe havens of southwestern Michigan such as Battle Creek, Schoolcraft, Cassopolis and Ramptown.

Travelers will discover that Michigan’s involvement with the slaves helped ignite the Civil War through the infamous Kentucky Raid that occurred in August of 1847 on Young’s Prairie. This is an event that you will never find in the history books.  During the tour, you will visit a bone fide Underground Railroad house, whose provenance has been thoroughly documented. This tour is a historic look at the facts, landmarks, gravesites, state designated historic homes, paths and buildings.

Make reservations by August 29. For further details or to book a tour, call us at (248) – 619-6692 or email us at Make sure to check our website for upcoming tours.


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