Shame of Detroit Ben Carson competes for House Negro of the Year Award

Behold the House Negro

Being appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and being a House Negro are two different things. It now appears HUD Secretary Ben Carson is imminently qualified to be a House Negro, but remains as unqualified as ever to lead HUD.
Yesterday, in the wake of Trump’s unhinged response to the Charlottesville travesty last weekend where large numbers of Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists violently flexed their muscles freely for all to see, Carson suggested that critics of Trump’s response were getting poor little 45 all wrong, that we were blowing it all out of proportion. But let me not paraphrase; this is exactly what he said (courtesy of the Washington Post):

“When he talks about the fact that hatred and bigotry and these things are unacceptable,” Carson said of Trump, “he’s talking about everybody. … You’d think he was saying that hatred and bigotry are unacceptable except by neo-Nazis. We really have got to begin to think more logically and stop trying to stir up controversy and start concentrating on the issues that threaten us and threaten our children.”
“We the people have got to be smarter than this …We all have to recognize that there are other things that are important here and don’t get caught up in these little squabbles and blow them out of proportion,” Carson said, “and spend all of our time talking about that.”

So Carson, the only African American member of Trump’s cabinet  (Omarosa, the other resident House Negro, is a White House advisor), believes that having a President of the United States who can’t make up his mind whether or not to endorse or condemn Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists on the march in the streets of Charlottesville, is a minor incident….
What..? I dunno. Maybe he got his months mixed up and he thought they were out for trick or treat?
I wasn’t the only one who called this man out early on during the 2016 campaign when his comments made it clear Carson had become nothing  more than a court jester. A sad joke who forfeited the well-earned status of a  brilliant medical career to join the circus as a second rate clown. And oh, did some folks get mad. Thought it was wrong to treat Dr. Carson in such a disrespectful way? Didn’t I know who he was? Didn’t I know how he rose himself up from poverty in Detroit?
Yeah. I knew. That’s why I was so damned pissed. And remain so.
And Carson’s response to Trump is all the validation any Carson critic will ever need. Because if this doesn’t show you who he is, then you may as well step on your glasses and grind them into the ground because you’re blind as a bat.


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