Is Your Child’s School Prepared for the Next Academic Year?

(StatePoint) Unfortunately, classroom needs cannot always be matched by school budgets. If you are a concerned parent, consider getting involved in the PTA. It’s one of the best ways help ensure your school is equipped with the academic tools that teachers need most.
Here are a few areas of the classroom that could use some extra help.
• Mini Library. While most schools have a central library, individual classrooms should also have books on hand for students to thumb through during breaks, study hall and quiet time. Opportunities to learn should be right at student’s fingertips, so consider advocating for a well-stocked bookshelf in every classroom that includes both fiction and non-fiction titles.
• Math Tools. Advanced graphing calculators can help students grasp difficult mathematical concepts. Be sure your school is equipped with highly functional options, such as the fx-9860 or fx-9750 from Casio, which feature USB connectivity, AP Statistics features, pie charts, bar graphs and more.
• Lab equipment. Does your school possess up-to-date lab equipment? Is there enough equipment for every student? From Bunsen burners to microscopes, be sure the equipment-to-student ratio is one that can foster active, hands-on learning.
• Classroom tech. Teachers need highly functional projectors to keep up with today’s educational demands. Newer models should come with such features as closed captioning and expanded input/output connectivity. The LampFree projectors from Casio are a good option for schools, as they can outlast traditional models by up to ten times, saving schools time and money. For example, the XJ-UT310WN is good for any classroom, with its ultra-short throw ratio and ability to automatically adjust to the brightness of the room.
To get your school’s classrooms up to speed, consider hosting some fundraisers this summer to benefit your child’s school. One fun, low-key way that students can help run is a car wash. Perfect for summer, this is a great way to raise awareness in the community about the needs of the school. To make some extra funds, you might also combine the event with a bake sale.
Or, ask local businesses if they can donate their products and services to a silent auction. From restaurant gift certificates to free yoga classes, this is a great way to get the entire community involved.
While not every school has all the latest and greatest gear to enhance classroom learning, as a parent you can help discover where there are shortfalls and help lead the charge towards filling these gaps.


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