Philly Mom Spends $25,000 on Son’s Prom and Her Reason May Surprise You

By Clarissa Hamlin
One Philadelphia teen had an extravagant Dubai-themed prom night — complete with a camel and expensive cars — thanks to his mother, reports the New York Daily News:
According to the Daily News, Saudia Shuler spent in the ballpark of $25,000 on renting a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and a camel, plus three tons of sand to turn a small corner of the family’s neighborhood into the famed United Arab Emirates city for son, Johnny Eden, Jr.’s pre-prom celebration. The teen brought three dates, all in custom frocks, with three outfit changes to coordinate with each of them.
In an interview with Billy Penn, the restaurateur explained that her decision to host the lavish prom send-off follows years of hard-times and devastating challenges for her and her family. Among them: the murder of Johnny’s father, which resulted in a miscarriage for Shuler, who was later hit by a car and suffered an injury that ended her career as a hairstylist. If that wasn’t entirely too much, the 43-year-old would next face thyroid cancer, a stoke and seizures, vowing that if she lived to see her son graduate from high school, she’d give him the celebration of a lifetime.
Shuler tells the site that Johnny, Jr. is set to graduate with a 3.8 GPA and is heading to college in the fall on scholarship.


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