If you need to find the BIG ‘O”…You better call B.O.B

On the drive home the other day I was allowing Raheem DeVaughn to sing me into a relaxed love state when the next song that came on was B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriend).

As the singer spoke on ways that B.O.B can’t kiss you or rub your thighs, I couldn’t help to think about all the things B.O.B could do.

I will admit, if you are a virgin to B.O.B, it may seem a little embarrassing, intimating or even a little desperate. However, after careful thought and conversations with other females, I have found that B.O.B is not just the single woman’s savior but a relationship doctor also. Here’s why, in a recent survey of women, in Essence, Magazine, 70% of women have faked an orgasm, and only 35% of women will have an orgasm through intercourse alone according to Dr. Phil. No wonder we are not in the mood as much as men, if you can’t get to the Big “O” what’s the point of opening up the gate.
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Women’s lack of orgasm not a new subject and even though we are in the 21st century, women, unfortunately, are not achieving the sexual satisfaction that they need. This disturbing fact is one reason for sexless marriages. However, you have to wonder about the blessed thirty-five percent of women on how and why they are the lucky ones?
In a conversation with one of these lucky women, I found out one of the reasons why. This sista has the sex drive of a man, and actually enjoys intercourse with her husband, and even though he’s in tune with her body, that is not the key to her guaranteed satisfaction. The answer lies in the fact that SHE is in tune with her body, something she learned with the assistance of B.O.B.
Yes, ladies, I will admit we can’t leave everything up to our mate. We have to take some time and learn our body. Trust me, your man knows his body very well, he’s been acquainted with it for many years now. When your man was a young and wanted to explore his body to find out what it did and why he was given a pass, because he was a boy. However, young girls were not given the same pass.

The Real Deal CHICKS: Next time your man is out for the night, make it a night in, light some candles, pick up B.O.B and explore.

Every woman is different and as many demands that we already put on our mates, it would be helpful if we could give him the map to our body because we have already discovered the pot of gold ourselves and know how to get to there. Now, once your man can find your Big “O” blindfolded, maybe he will be open to a threesome invitation, which can include you, him and B.O.B.
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, because, hey, it’s just MY Perspective!

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