Detroit Mental Health Agency opens dental clinic in its headquarters

What does a mental health agency in the city of Detroit and a mobile dental clinic have in common?  Normally nothing, but New Center Community Services partnering with Dental Care Mobile has opened a dental clinic inside of the mental health agency located on the west side of the city for those they currently serve as well as individuals and families in neighboring communities.  Opening February 6, 2017, NCCS began offering complete dental and referral services.  Delta Dental and Medicaid Dental benefits are accepted.

District 5  Councilwoman Mary Sheffield and Joy Calloway
District 5 Councilwoman Mary Sheffield and Joy Calloway

Headquartered in the City of Detroit, New Center Community Services is a private non-profit community mental health center committed to providing and promoting quality behavioral health services in a caring and safe environment. This commitment is reaffirmed daily by more than 150 employees, including psychiatrists, professional mental health workers, certified peer support specialists, and nurses.
Founded in 1979, NCCS has five locations and offers more than 5,400 children and adults a full-spectrum of mental health services ranging from highly intensive and complex therapeutic and medicinal interventions to low-intensity socialization and support programs. Accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC) since the 1987, New Center Community Services is also recognized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services as a Certified Community Mental Health Center. NCCS stands up for mental health by working to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and helping more individuals receive comprehensive treatments.
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