Trumps orders no communication between government agencies

President Donald Trump Signs Executive Orders
By Alisha Dixon
Today, President Trump issued a media blackout for the USDA and EPA.
In the memo released today, employees of the USDA and EPA are not allowed to talk to the media or post on social media. This means no blog posts, social media messages or press releases are to be done “until further notice.
Many including Ben Corb, director of public affairs at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, have expressed their concern surrounding the ban and question if it violates the First Amendment.
“Any effort to stop a scientific agency from responding to congressional, federal, state and local inquiries has a chilling effect,” said Corb. “We steadfastly believe peer-reviewed science should remain free of politicization, and we support the NIH [National Institutes of Health] and all federally funded scientific agencies in their efforts to continue on their missions without political interference.”
Included in the ban are directive to not speak with members of Congress.
The President has not issued a statement on the matter.
It is clear, there is a new sheriff in town.


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