New Detroit Clinic Opening 10/22 to Provide Critical Care for Underserved Populations; Creating 200 Jobs + Improved Infrastructure to Community

If you’re a Medicare or Medicaid patient in Detroit, a new facility has opened that will provide you the services you need.
In less than thirty days, ConcertoHealth (formerly know as Fidelis SecureCare) has opened its fourth and largest care center on the West side of Detroit. The center will offer a new model of care that caters to seniors or those with limited insurance.
While the centers are conveniently located in areas that allow patients to come in a get the services they need, Concerto also provides in-come care for those those who cannot travel to their facilities. They also have a team of field staff members who travel and treat those in post-acute settings such as nursing homes.
Another aspect that makes — unique about CHealth is they provide embedded social service care in clinics. The company has also brought more than 200 new jobs,
There are no other companies providing embedded social services care in clinics – which makes a big impact on the patient’s care (i.e., someone is responsible for managing the bigger picture of care).

In addition to providing better access to care, ConcertoHealth’s clinics have created an infusion of 200 new jobs and improved infrastructure to the Detroit area.

I have a lot of information on ConcertoHealth (including the 4 centers opened in the last 30 days), plans in Michigan and into the future, new provider partnerships planned in the next few months and access to executive leadership, to share with you timed with our opening next week. 

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