Center for Individual and Family Counseling Commemorates 25th anniversary

dr-pauline-furman-newThe Center for Individual and Family Counseling is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. CIFC is a comprehensive counseling center with a core focus of fostering healthy families and individuals through quality professional care. Executive Director and proprietor Dr. Pauline J. Furman has been in private practice for 25 years strongly believes in the connection of the mind and the body. “Make your mental health a top priority and your physical health will be grateful,” says Furman.
Headquartered in Southfield, CIFC offers a variety of services to better serve the community.
Dr. Furman, is a Certified Imago Relationship therapist. This internationally respected form of relationship and couples therapy aids in helping her clients live their best life through formation of positive relationships and effective communication.
Dr. Furman has treated several hundred couples in the past 25 years as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and just one of a dozen African American therapists located in Michigan. The formula for positive, improved, connection in relationships is embedded in the treatment process. Self-reflection and supportive recognition of one’s partner creates an environment for healthy progress.
Offering a wide array of services, Furman has been tapped to lend her expertise to various organizations around the southeastern Michigan region including the faith based community. She has provided her services to Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Triumph Church and Twelfth Street Missionary Baptist Church, just name a few. Most recently, Dr. Furman was the keynote speaker at Tabernacle Baptist Church’s 96th anniversary celebration where she spoke on the theme of Family Matters. As a part of the evening’s festivities, Dr. Furman was honored with the Spirit of the Detroit award.
In addition, to providing care for the family, CIFC specializes in servicing organizations looking to create relevant workshops, seminars and training for employees. With a plethora of topics to assist employees in maintaining a positive and productive work environment Dr. Furman offers a workshop, titled “Putting Your Best Foot Forward,” that fosters confidence, provides interviewing skills and techniques, workplace professionalism, sexual awareness and etiquette.
CIFC offers crisis therapy to corporations, schools, financial institutions and businesses. This type of therapy focuses on minimizing the stress of an event, providing emotional support and coping strategies when a critical or traumatic incident occurs. Dr. Furman and her team of professionals provides onsite care and assistance.
The Center for Individual and Family Counseling (CIFC) was established to offer families and couples mental health care and strategies to work through various issues, whether at home or work. Dr. Pauline J. Furman holds a master’s degree in counseling and a doctorate degree in Psychology. For more information about The Center for Individual and Family Counseling, visit To schedule an appointment, call the office at (248) 443-8494

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