City of Detroit ramps up for winter with new trucks, more drivers

City of Detroit ramps up for winter with new trucks, more drivers
·        DPW still looking for more drivers with CDLs to fill salt truck driver jobs
With cold weather getting closer, the City of Detroit has been ramping up its efforts to prepare for the first snowfall by improving its fleet of trucks and hiring more salt truck drivers.
Since last winter, the city’s department of public works had added 29 new trucks, which will allow it to retire older trucks to create a younger, more reliable fleet for this winter. The city will have a total of 73 trucks available to clear the 674 miles of major roads it clears after snow storms. The city hires private contractors to plow the city’s 1880 miles of residential streets if more than six inches of snow falls.
The department also is adding 41 additional drivers to give it a total of 156 for this winter and still has openings for individuals who already have a commercial driver’s license.
“Each year, we make improvements during the off season to get ready for the next year and this year has been no different,” said DPW Director Ron Brundidge. “This year we will have the largest and youngest fleet of trucks the city has had in many years.”
Improvements made in recent years to the city’s snow removal operations include:
29 new trucks added in one year to the snow removal operation which is the largest in many years. All of the new trucks are equipped with front and under body plows and salt spreaders.
Individuals interested in applying for a job as a truck driver for DPW can visit the city’s website at



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