1. Cuba
President Obama will make history by becoming the first sitting president to visit Cuba in almost nine decades, when he makes his trip sometime within the next few weeks. We’re hoping he scouts it out for us. Cuba has a rich cultural connection with African-Americans, providing refuge to Black people, like Assata Shakur, who fled the U.S. after a conviction for her role in the 1973 killings of a New Jersey state trooper. However, as it is still amid sweeping changes, the country’s racism problems have not disappeared. Read more.
Cuba, Venezuela
2. Dubai
The New York Times describes the emerging city as “an ethnically diverse metropolis where the world’s populations mingle in markets, galleries and international restaurants, both humble and high-end.” The glistening city, with his jagged skyline, is located on the northern coastline of the United Arab Emirates. Read more.
Modern Dubai cityscape at twilight, United Arab Emirates
3. Ghana
Not only is Ghana gorgeous, the coastal West African nation is one of the more stable countries on the continent after its transition to multi-party democracy in 1992. Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country to break free of British colonialism in 1957. Read more.
Fishing boats in front of Cape Coast Castle, Ghana
4. Canada
We’re actually thinking only of Toronto, a city in Ontario, Canada, because, well, Drake, who is a native. Toronto also happens to have a rich Black history. Black presence in the city extends to 1799, when 15 Blacks were list in the town. “Today more than half of Canada’s Black population lives in the metropolitan area of Toronto, representing 7 percent of the city’s total population in 2001 and its third largest visible minority,” according to Historica Canada. Read more.
Toronto, Ontario skyline as seen from Algonquin Island - one of the Toronto Islands
5. Abu Dhabi 
Just behind Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The oil rich city, built on an island in the Persian Gulf, is the nation’s capital. New York University says “The city has developed a progressive agenda in health care, the arts, economic and environmental sustainability, educational and human development, and the advancement of women.” Read more.
Abudhabi skyline