Lifestyles Report…Is there a stylist in the house?


Who dresses Hillary Clinton? Please don’t get me wrong, I am a Clinton supporter, but with no other female presidents to use as an example, I think she is confused as to what a strong presidential woman should look like. I have actually seen a few photos from her younger years where she looks great. Somewhere along the way she has become stiff. The pantsuits have to go. Try a dress or a skirt suit. Sometimes I think she is trying to camouflage the fact that she has put on a few pounds. Why didn’t she go on the same diet that Bill went on? Perhaps she is doing a lot of stress eating. If she would wear a higher heel from time to time she would look taller and slimmer. She would be surprised that a nice dress would make her look powerful. She seems to favor the smock look, that three quarter length jacket is her favorite. I did a search on who is her stylist and came up with her hair stylist, Isabelle Goetz. Reportedly, Goetz grew up in a village near Strasbourg, France, and owns the Izzy Salon in Georgetown. She has been Hillary Clinton’s stylist and cutter since 1997. Other than the occasional blowout from Santa Nikkels, who has a salon near Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua house, Goetz is the main mane, the chief coiffeur.  With a brush, a comb and a can of spray in her bag at all times, plus an extra blow dryer nearby just in case, Goetz travels everywhere with the candidate, taming every last flyaway. “This is just a hardworking gig,” says Goetz. “I never had a family because work goes first.”
According to the, most of Hillary Clinton’s fashions are by Nina McLemore. She doesn’t seek fashion editors’ attention with runway shows, offer free clothes to celebrities, or pursue the clients who court the best-dressed lists. Instead, McLemore puts her emphasis on practicality and durability. Most pieces, including the signature jackets, are available in a variety of fabrics including silk, twill and cotton, and are fabricated to be wrinkle-resistant.
She is perhaps best known for her staple jackets, but other options include simple tops, tanks, shirts and straight slacks.  McLemore grew up in Mississippi,   making all her own clothes and then rose through the fashion ranks to found Liz Claiborne Accessories in 1980. It doesn’t say if McLemore designs dresses. Her designs work on sizes above 12, the cutoff for many designers, and her price points are lower than some better-known brands. A Nina McLemore jacket costs about $900, compared to $2,000 and up for Chanel and Akris. I would think while she is running around campaigning, pants would be more comfortable.
If it was me I would need a jacket with pockets on the inside for my lipstick and mints. My suggestion, Hillary Clinton, once you move back into the White House find some dresses that work for you and some comfortable pumps. I hope you are going to be very busy for the next four years.
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