Lifestyles Report…Homeless or not


How many people have you seen that appear to be what I call “homeless posers”? I know you can name one or two, maybe even three. The one that stands out for me is the man who is in Monroeville, right by the exit from the parkway east,  near Valley Honda. If you don’t see him there, he is at the light when you come out of Sam’s Club and Gabriel’s. Not too long ago, someone posted a picture of a man that looked just like him driving a new model red car on social media. The social media post said that the man was not homeless, and that he lives with a wife and family in a nearby suburb. I have never given this man any money because he has been at this same post for so long that I just don’t believe that he is really homeless.
I feel the same way about a new “beggar” that I have seen in the Monroeville area near Kohl’s. This young White man carries a cardboard sign that says he is stranded. He also has a small dog with him on a leash. When I saw him most recently, he had changed clothes and the dog was wearing a coat. If he is stranded, he appears to have somewhere to change clothes. There are two other “homeless” people that I see on a regular basis. I see these guys at the Grant Street exit. Both have the traditional cardboard signs stating that they are homeless and hungry, and anything will help. One man appears to be kind and his sign says he was in the military. The other is younger and seems somewhat agitated. I watched a person hand him an unopened can of soda, he took the can and jammed it into the bridge. I guess it was not his flavor.

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