Tim Kaine addresses emails at Taylor Fire Department

tim-kaine001-2On Sunday, Oct. 30, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine spoke to a crowd of about 500 enthusiastic supporters at the Taylor Get Out the Vote Event with Tim Kaine in Taylor, MI.
While a tiny contingent of Trump supporters gathered just outside the rally, inside political dignitaries told Clinton/Kaine campaign supporters that the upcoming election would be one of the most important in history. “I usually don’t call a race the big one unless I’m on the ballot,” quipped state Sen. Debbie Stabenow. But I feel like everything is on the ballot here … my children, my grandbabies, Taylor, Michigan and everything we care about is on the ballot.”
Senators Gary Peters, Debbie Dingell and political icon, U.S. Rep. Sander Levin addressed the upbeat crowd before UAW Region 1A Director Rory L. Gamble brought Kaine to the stage.
In his opening remarks Kaine thanked Wayne County executive Warren Evans for his support. “We are in Wayne County and your exec, Warren Evans has really done a super job with this campaign,” said Kaine.
Kaine also readily addressed the recent controversy centered around the suspiciously timed reinvestigation of allegedly damaging Clinton emails, released by FBI Director James Comey. “I know most of you were surprised, stunned, last week when the FBI put out a letter on Friday, months after concluding in an extensive, massive, multi-level investigation that there would be no further investigation … that 11 days before the election this gets introduces as a distraction.” Kaine urged supporters to remain focused on the campaign and the election, adding that the Comey’s ambiguous letter may have even reenergized Clinton/Kaine supporters who were suspicious and outraged by these deplorable tactics.
The vice presidential candidate commented that states like Michigan with early voting accommodations had shown a robust voter turnout, with all indicators pointing to a Clinton/Kaine victory.
Following the Taylor speaking event, Kaine traveled to Warren Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine will join Senator Gary Peters and Doug McCarron, President of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Millwrights to speak to union members and their families on Sunday evening to get out the vote.


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