Cedric the Entertainer live at the MotorCity Sound Board

cedric-the-entertainer-celebrity-golf-classic-tees-off-monday-august-17th  The always hilarious Cedric the Entertainer is currently promoting his new, long-awaited comedy special titled Live from the Ville” that will premiere on today on Netflix.
The trailer shows the comedian talking about everything from the weight loss of his Hollywood peers, parenting, music and everything in between. The teaser shows that Cedric hasn’t missed a beat and is still as funny as he’s ever been, if not more so.
In addition to being a comedian and actor, Cedric is an actor and director, so he has been busy working on a variety of projects but he has always made time for his first love.
“I never left the stage. But it has been almost ten years since I’ve done a special. I just felt like it was time,” he said. “They’ve (networks) been airing ‘The Kings of Comedy’ a lot lately and people have been asking me when am I gonna do something.
“So I got with Netflix because that’s one of the hottest platforms right now and we got it done.”
He has a point, with people being so busy these days; many aren’t doing appointment television anymore. According to David Zurawik of the Blatimore Sun, “the all-ruling power of the prime-time schedule, which has been the network TV template since 1948, has been broken by new distribution models (like Netflix) that allow viewers to call the shots and tailor their viewing experiences to their wants and needs.”
     “Live from the Ville was filmed in Nashville, a city that boasts a vibrant arts community and has become more popular and diverse in recent years.
“I chose Nashville because it’s a southern city but it has this metropolitan type of feel and it’s becoming a go-to city. I felt that the audience would be diverse but at the same time give me that feeling of kicking it in the backyard with family and friends and that’s exactly the vibe that I got.”
During the special Cedric leaves no subject untouched as he, for example, jokes about all of his Hollywood friends losing weight.
“I look up and everybody’s getting skinny — Anthony Anderson, Al Roker, all of them, and nobody called and told me. When I saw that Rick Ross had lost weight I said OK, now I obviously wasn’t on that email chain.”
Cedric also talks about the sexual content in today’s rap lyrics, his daughter, the presidential election and much more.
When talking about what fans can expect from his live show Saturday at the Motor City Sound Board he is eager to answer.
“What y’all are going to see is me having a great time. I’m just gonna rock the whole stage and have great time,” he says.
“It’s me so there’s going to be music, I’m going to talk about what’s going on in the world. I plan on doing some Kanye West rants; I’m going to talk about Donald Trump. I ain’t leaving nothing out. Everybody’s gonna get it.”
Cedric the Entertainer will be appearing at Sound Board at MotorCity Casino on Saturday, Sept. 17, showtime 8 pm. Tickets are on sale now.

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