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womanteacherThe Michigan Chronicle and Radio One present the inaugural Detroit Best In Black community choice awards. We will recognize and celebrate local African American-owned businesses, community organizations, entrepreneurs, entertainers and individuals in southeastern Michigan.

Education is one of six award categories.

Detroit Public Schools have faced many problems, such as school closings, subpar building conditions and underfunding. So we recognized the importance of giving DPS students a voice.

We determined that focusing on high school would give the students who are one step from higher education the opportunity to vote in categories that affect their lives everyday, such as, Best School Teacher, Best School Principal, Best Marching Band, Best High School, Best High School Coach and Best High School Athlete. Once these students have made it to college, or even graduated from college, pledging for a fraternity or sorority has proven to be a great way to fellowship and build a network of friends.

When voting for Best High School Teacher we are looking for the individuals who have prepared their students for the next grade. The teacher who encourages their students to use their brainpower. The teacher who inspires their students to want to learn more. The teacher who engages the parents, keeping them in the loop.

The Best High School Principal should be the rock of the school. The principal is the person who has the fortitude to motivate the faculty and the students. He or she acknowledges the efforts of everyone in the school. The principal who keeps the school and its students safe while providing an environment for both students and faculty to excel.

The Best High School Coach is the person who transforms their athletes into champions. The coach who strengthens their athletes’ physical and mental capacity. The coach who nurtures the talent of their athletes.

The Best High School Athlete is the individual who exhibits greatness in their chosen sport. The athlete who has surpassed all levels of expectation. The athlete who is a team player. The athlete who has developed a love and passion for their sport.

The Best Marching Band is the band that plays with precision. The band that everyone wants to see and hear. The band that gets everyone up on their feet. The band that is undeniably the cream of the crop. The band that rocks the house at every opportunity.

The Best High School is the high school that personifies spirit. The high school that takes care of its faculty and graduates its students.

Fraternities and sororities are groups that are formed with a foundation built on brotherhood and sisterhood. Groups that share a common goal. They are organizational groups that consist of successful individuals who look out for one another as well as their community.

The Best In Black Awards are scheduled to take place this September. Nominations close August 7. Voting opens for the top three nominees August 12 and end at midnight on September 4. Winners will be revealed live during the Best In Black Detroit awards ceremony. Venue and time to be announced.

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