Holly Robinson Peete frightened for autistic son’s life after Charles Kinsey shooting

Holly Robinson Peete, far right, stands next to her autistic son, RJ. Her husband, former NFL star Rodney Peete
Holly Robinson Peete, far right, stands next to her autistic son, RJ. Her husband, former NFL star Rodney Peete, is left. 

With the string of police shootings of unarmed black men in cities across the country, the African American community is particularly on edge. But when Miami police shot a black behavioral therapist, Charles Kinsey, as he was lying on his back with his hands in the air, all while trying to protect his autistic son, it jolted actress Holly Robinson Peete to her core.

As many know, Robinson Peete’s son, RJ Peete, is autistic. The Miami shooting hits close too home and this makes her extremely frightened for her son’s life

Kinsey was “accidentally” shot by a Miami officer following the escape of one of his autistic patients from the group home he worked at. A witness said the autistic man was holding a gun — which turned out to be a toy truck. Kinsey was trying to calm down one of his autistic patients as a horde of Miami-Dade officers flooded the scene. Kinsey was on the ground, lying on his back, with his hands in the air and was still shot in the leg. Two officers have been suspended as the department completes its investigation.

Three thousand miles away from Miami, this episdoe made Robinson Peete shiver in her Los Angeles-area home. Recently, Robinson Peete posted a clip from her reality show “For Peete’s Sake,” showing her and her husband, former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, trying to explain to their son RJ how to behave when encountering the police.

“After watching the situation in Florida, I decided to repost this scene from #‎ForPeetessake where we had one of many talks with our son who has autism about navigating law enforcement cues,” she said on her Facebook page. “Kids with autism process differently and that video is my true real life nightmare. … I cannot tell you how tearful I was watching 2 unarmed men — one with autism and one his therapist — with guns trained on them. … The therapist with arms raised was shot and thankfully not fatally. But WHY???!!! EVERYONE should take issue with this. The Miami police department should accept accountability and then and ONLY then will we feel someone hears us. Despicable.”

Find out what else she had to say after flipping the e-page:



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