Kinnie Media Group LLC launches Motor City Woman Radio Network


Kinnie Media Group,LLC ,recently announced the official launch of an internet radio station, Motor City Woman Radio Network, the only station dedicated to inspiration, motivation and information that helps women lead more fulfilling lives. No radio station exists that solely strives to serve women with smart, lively conversation. The station features an all-female lineup of show hosts. Shows range from career and personal development to entrepreneurship and spiritual growth.
“As a wife, mom and career woman, I was always searching for tools, resources and information that help me in all aspects of my life” says Robin Kinnie, founder of the Motor City Woman Radio Network. “As an avid talk radio fan, I couldn’t locate a show that spoke to my interests and goals. I didn’t want one show or one segment dedicated to women. I wanted an entire station. I couldn’t find one. So I created it,” she continued.
While the announcement marked the launch of Motor City Woman Radio Network, Motor City Woman has been supporting women by sponsoring events, sharing positive information through an active social media presence and partnering with organizations and initiatives dedicated to helping women since 2015.

“My passion and purpose are aligned” says Kinnie. “My motto is that you can not pour from an empty cup. In order to serve my family and my community, I first have to ensure that I am personally fulfilled. With the Motor City Woman Radio Network, we’re able to reach more women and make a greater impact. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity. I want everyone to live in the light.”
MCW Radio Network shows include “Why? That’s Why Radio Show” brought to you by Entre-SLAM!, a business story-telling accelerator where host Christa Price will provide the booster shot that every entrepreneur needs when their resolve to ‘stay in the fight’ weakens. The show will feature three to four, live and prerecorded 5-minute narratives from business leaders. This is the show for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. With women starting businesses at a historic rate, this show will be both an outlet and a resource.

For more information about the new Motor City Woman Radio Network programming, events and news and to listen live or download the mobile app log on to


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