Wall of 100 Makers features beauty and unity in Detroit

Wall of 100 Makers_Poster
The Wall of 100 Makers, an interactive art installation mirroring the city of Detroit, premiered last week at Detroit’s iconic Masonic Temple during Start-Up week powered by Chase Bank. The high impact project is a product of Civilla, a human-centered design studio based in Detroit. The organization focuses on the biggest social challenges facing our communities today, whether they fall in the realms of education, public health, equitable transit or the humanization of social services.Project organizers, Romina Hausmann and Rachael Carson created the Wall of 100 Makers to support Civilla’s mission to make a measurable impact where it matters most.
The Wall of 100 Makers represents Detroit’s makers from American Indian, African, Arab, Armenian and Latino American communities, among others. The presenters vary from world-renowned artists and craftspeople to local builders and designers giving the viewer a visual window into the distinct cultures, ethnicities and neighborhoods of Detroit.
Materials range from wood, metal, pottery, textile, neon lighting, 3D printing, sound, sculpture, photography, poetry, bamboo and even a sensory piece and works are designed to mimic the industrial factories of Detroit.
Wall of 100 Makers strips the barrier between viewers and the artists through the interactive component of opening and closing each window. Each window is a lens into a new community through the eyes and art of the maker. Interacting with the craft, viewers open windows on the wall, see the artists’ faces, and read their quotes.
The exhibit supports, accentuates, and elevates the distinct cultures, ethnicities and neighborhoods in Detroit. The Wall of 100 Makers seeks to attract community centric creators interested in gaining exposure and exploring collaboration in a new and radical way.
Encouraging viewer engagement with the artist, the exhibit organizers, hope to break barriers between viewers and art, and to bridge disparate communities together with a common purpose.


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