3rd Annual Midwest Media Expo


 24-hour non-stop programming including engaging film and comic stars, interactive live events, free-to-play video game rooms, and more

Pop culture fans should mark their calendars for April 15-17, 2016 when the 3rd Annual Midwest Media Expo (M2X) returns to metro Detroit. M2X features popular media platforms such as animation, TV, film, cosplay, literature, video and tabletop gaming, comics, and Internet culture. The three-day round-the-clock event takes place at the Edward Village Hotel (600 Town Center Drive, Dearborn).

The sister convention to the popular Youmacon which takes place annually in Detroit, M2X attracts thousands of attendees to participate in a wide array of interactive live events, special celebrity panels, artist alley, free-to-play  gaming, and high–quality fan created programming.

Featured celebrities and special guests include: native Detroiter voice actor Billy West, best known as Stimpy in Ren and Stimpy and as The Professor and Phillip J. Fry in Futurama; Steve Downes, who is the voice of Master Chief from Halo; Greg Weisman, creator of the animated series Gargoyles, Young Justice, and Star Wars Rebels; Kyle Hebert the voice of Ryu of Street Fighter in Wreck It Ralph and Kiba in Naruto and renowned actor Jeffrey Combs famous for his roles in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Transformers Prime. A host of other film and comic stars will join them for the weekend long event celebrating every facet of fandom in the comic-con experience.  And best of all, there is never a charge for celebrity autographs.

The convention is categorized into six core tracks:

  • Fandoms — Sometimes a particular movie franchise, TV show, or internet craze grows beyond its humble beginnings, and becomes so much more. This is what is called a fandom.
  • Film — Brings the very best from industry experts to fan content created around this traditional medium.
  • Cosplay — Attendees who like wearing their own original costumes, costume designers, photographers, etc.
  • Comics — Provide fans with content from artists, writers, and those experienced with the industry and its expansion into other media.
  • Video Games — Including 24 hour gaming and tournaments.
  • Tabletop Gaming — Pencil and paper role-playing games that challenge imagination, board games, and card games which test your luck are all included under this track.

Tickets include admission to all special events, the exhibitor hall, artist alley, special celebrity guest panels, musical events, and more. M2X prices are:

One day pass: $25 for Friday and Sunday; $30 for Saturday.

Three-Day weekend: $50

Youth pass (12 and under, purchased along with adult pass): $10

To purchase tickets and for more information, visit http://www.midwestmediaexpo.com/.


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