5 Things You Should Know About Suzanne Lossia and The Arrangement

suzannelossia2Authoress Suzanne Lossia talks with the Michigan Chronicle about her debut novel “The Arrangement”:

Michigan Chronicle: What led you to write your life story?

Suzanne Lossia: I wrote my story to be the voice of a thousand other women just like myself who are unable to tell their stories.


MC: Has your story helped anyone else in your community?

SL: Although I do not know anyone personally who I’ve encouraged to run away from an abusive relationship I know I’ve touched a lot of people.  My readers have voiced to me that they had no idea parents of adolescent girls participated in arranged marriages between grown men and their young daughters.  I have strong feelings that I’ve brought to light the fact that this cruel ancient custom is still being practiced right here in our back yards.


MC: How has your community reacted to your story and were they offended by it?

SL: Well there’s a reason no one other than myself has ever come forward.  Without talking about specifics let’s just say they were not to happy My family is so private. But they got over it are very supportive of me- but   I have gone against the grain of the community that I was in raised to put my life story out there.


MC: Why should your story be read and what is the message you would like to be received from your story?

SL: I wrote my book for two main reasons.  I want everyone to know that cruel customs such as arranged marriages are kept hidden yet still exist here in the United States.  Secondly and even more important I wanted to reach out to the millions of women living today in abusive and cruel relationships.  When they read my book, they learn that I was in a very similar relationship and had the same fears as they do today.  I was able to overcome my fears and leave my relationship, in the end, I survived, and they can survive as well.


MC: What can we expect from you next? (what you are currently working on)

SL: Public Speaking, Skin line, and getting my charity up in going, ” Suzanne Lossia Charitable Fund” a component of the North Wood community foundation “you can find  the link on my website, to donate, and more interviews.

Purchase your copy of “The Arrangement” at www.suzannelossia.com, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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