AFSCME Local 25 and Local 2057 endorse Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

In another show of growing labor support, two AFSCME Local unions have voted unanimously to endorse U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders for President. AFSCME Local 25 and Local 2057 were impressed by Sanders’ decades long support to labor and his unwavering commitment to fight for the issues of concern for working-class Americans.

AFSCME Local 25, a member segment of the statewide AFSCME Council 25, represents employees of Wayne County that work to protect the county’s national resources, public health, and provide services to youth, seniors, and Veterans.

“Bernie talks about problems most politicians shy away from: substantially raising the minimum wage, enacting free college tuition and providing true universal healthcare,” said Local 25 president, Wendy Lukianoff. “Bernie is the only one with a program to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, end for-profit prisons, reform our drug laws, address climate change and provide healthcare for all.”

AFSCME Local 2057 is comprised of a diverse membership of Foreman of both the County of Wayne and the Wayne County Airport Authority.

“For all too long, politicians have moved toward deregulating business and increasing restrictions on the lives of individuals,” said Local 2057 president, Chris Roggero. “I feel it is time for our leaders to make this country work for people again by representing the citizens instead of corporations. In my opinion, Senator Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to make this happen.”

“The endorsement by AFSCME Local 25 and 2057 demonstrates that Bernie is on the side of working families,” said Ryan Hughes, Mich. state director for Bernie 2016. “Bernie’s opposition to unfair trade deals, support for raising the minimum wage to $15 and his plan to fix our nation’s crumbling infrastructure all show his commitment to the issues that matter most to union members. We thank the members of AFSCME Locals 25 and 2057 for supporting Bernie as the best choice for union members.”


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