City of Detroit battles winter storm and reminds residents of snow removal policy

Crews with the Detroit Department of Public Works (DPW) have been out salting streets after one of the most substantial snowfalls of the season.  DPW Director Ron Brundidge addressed weather conditions in Detroit and the city’s plans to clear roads.

The City also is reminding residents of the City’s snow removal process.

Level 1                 3 inches or less of snow and/or freezing rain

DPW crews will salt only on major thoroughfares.


Level 2                 3 to 6 inches of snow and/or freezing rain

DPW crews will plow and/or salt on major thoroughfares only.

Level 3                 6 inches or more of snow and/or freezing rain

DPW crews will plow and salt on major thoroughfares.

For a Level 3 storm, the City may utilize contractors to plow residential streets depending on the characteristics of the snow accumulation, prevailing temperatures, and forecasts.  Residential contractors will plow a 10-foot pass down the center of the street and will not clear driveways. Vehicles used by the City’s private contractors now are equipped with GPS technology, so DPW officials can track their progress and verify whether a side street has been cleared.

The City has 673 miles of major streets and 1884 miles of residential streets.

Parking Restrictions, Snow Emergencies & Requirements of Citizens

On streets that are identified through signage as snow emergency routes, the City may restrict or prohibit parking for the purpose of plowing.  Residents will be notified via the media, as well as the City of Detroit website and cable channel.

In extreme weather, the City may declare a snow emergency, which allows police to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles on snow emergency routes, therefore providing access for the streets to be plowed from curb to curb.  Snow emergency routes, which are marked by red and white signs, are the first priority for snow removal.

Residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks in a manner that makes its safe for pedestrians.  Snow removal companies and property owners are prohibited from putting snow from their property onto public roadways.


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