Reality Expert Teaches People How To Love

Teach Me How To Love PDF Final Book CoverTroy Spry, creator of the Xklusive Thoughts movement and author of the new book Teach Me How To Love: Why What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You is helping people that are single, in relationships, that identify as “it’s complicated” and even married people learn new lessons will help change their mindsets about love, relationships, and dating! With the introduction of online dating, social media, and other dating trends people are more confused than ever and Troy provides answers to help them jump off of the emotional rollercoasters.

Troy Spry is a psychology major a popular relationship blogger, conversation party host, speaker, and now author and is considered an expert on relationships and dating. Features in publications like Jet Magazine and on Huff Post Live, writing for global brands like Black and Married With Kids and Paul C. Brunson, and winning numerous awards such as Writer of The Year and Premier Coach have earned him respect in the self-help and relationships space!

Readers of his book have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and are spreading the word across the Internet via a national blog tour!

“Troy’s advice is timely, authentic, and transparent as he draws upon his experience as a man, husband, and certified coach who has a desire to leave a legacy of love for his family and community!” Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, Founders of

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Teach Me How To Love cover PDF Final Book Cover



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