Detroit Illustrators help bring SleepyTown to Life

Sharon __The Fearless__ Darryl Calhoun — https___www.indiegogo.com_projects_the-sleepytown-collection-a-children-series#
Illustration By: Darryl Calhoun (Detroit Native. Pictured: Sharon “the eyes and brains”)

Detroit, Michigan is jam packed with creative, passionate and expressive people who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to get a project up and growing. That’s what happened when illustrators, Allen Merck and Daryl Calhoun, stepped in to help the creator of the new multi-cultural, multi-media children series, The SleepyTown Collection. A ground-breaking premise, The SleepyTown Collection will publish a series of eBooks that promote literacy, empathy, advocates conquering fears and discourages bullying.

Merck and Calhoun took inspiration from creator Lapacazo Sandoval, and rendered the story to life with colorful drawings and imaginative GIFS. In a very short time, Hollywood “new media” agents and Virtual Reality (VR) companies have taken notice of their creativity and donations have begun rolling in for SleepTown’s first crowd-funded project (

One of the first marketing supporters was the original no-pedal balance bike manufacturer, Strider Sports International, Inc. The founder of this revolutionary company saw a correlation between SleepTown’s motto, “dream without fear” and his personal business philosophy. To that end, to lend their support, the company’s collaboration with the series, has extended to Strider donating three bikes through an “Original Key Art” contest, which asks children to draw their “key” into SleepyTown. Once submitted with an explanation of the creative work, the child artist will automatically be entered to win a brand new STRIDER Bike. The SleepyTown collection will also feature STRIDER® Bikes in some of the illustrations of the magical universe.

For access to this world of animals, liberation, and love, a child must visualize a symbolic key built upon the things they love most in the world.

Sleep. Dream. Love. Key. Unlock. Play&Live.

“At Strider, we are happy to partner with The SleepyTown Collection,” said Ryan McFarland, Founder and President of Strider Sports. “We are passionate about inspiring kids to learn balance and ride on two wheels at a very young age. That is where true adventures begin – and with that, lots of smiles and confidence!”

Three winners will be chosen in a random raffle and announced in spring 2016 by Ryan McFarland, Founder and President of Strider Sports Intl., Inc.

SleepyTown collection character Sharon “the eyes and brains,” of the magical universe of SleepyTown kick starts the magic in the world free of bullying.

“The spirit that embodies the SleepyTown universe is in perfect alignment with the vision of Strider Sports Int’l., Inc.,” says SleepyTown Collection creator, Lapacazo Sandoval.





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